Friday, June 29, 2012

Hal's Hint #3 - This One's For My Musician Friends

I just left this post as a comment on an article on CD Baby's DIY section regarding tips to keep cool during summertime gigs....

In addition to the obvious suggestions such as shade, and water - I had this to add...

Performing burns a lot of energy. Add excess heat to that and you have a potential health risk (possibly even fatal). One way to combat heat stroke or other risks due to high temperature is to invest in a cooling bandana or neck wrap. They are very inexpensive and I use them during heatwaves on all outdoor gigs. I bring a chilled cooler full of bottled water to every summer gig. (You'd be surprised how many hosts have nothing to offer but beer) and I throw a couple cool bandanas in there, too. You just wrap them around your neck and they keep your neck and head cool for several hours at a time. They'll help keep you safe and comfortable.

NOTE:  I was turned onto cooling bandanas in 2006 when I was playing regularly at the Bahama Breeze out on the deck. There was no air conditoning and sometimes it got brutally hot out there while performing for hours.

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