Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pistachio Nuts

This is actually Hint #4 but I decided to stop numbering them, so I'll just refer to this post by the subject matter... Pistachio Nuts.

I recently discovered a little trick while enjoying one of my favorite snacks - the aforementioned pistachio nuts. As anyone who has eaten pistachios can attest, every once in a while you come across a few that you can't pry open without breaking your fingernail. I even have a friend who has recently begun buying the kind without the shell (which IMHO is missing out on one of life's simple pleasures). I simply cannot forgo the whole routine of breaking those bad boys open by myself, and popping them in my mouth, one at a time. And I firmly believe that most pistachio lovers are like me in that regard.

But what about the ones that are simply too hard to open with your bare hands. Well, in the rare instance that it's sealed shut all the way around, yeah, you might have to to toss it. However, in most cases, you can use another pistachio shell to pry open the hard to open ones. Next time you're eating pistachio nuts, and you come across one of those hard-to-pry-open shells, do this:
1. Hold the hard to open pistachio in your palm, or set it aside.
2. Pick up the next one and save the shell after you crack it open.
3. Use one of the half-shells (they're even shaped like fingernails) to pry open the difficult nut.
4. Eat the fruit of that nut.
5. Feel good about yourself for not having to throw away a perfectly good pistachio!

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